We’ll be at the Beyond School Hours Conference!

The Magician School After School Program

When: February 9th - 12th of 2023

Where: Orlando, Florida at the Rosen Centre

Booth: #111

Last year we took The Magician School on the road and exhibited at our first ever school conference. We loved it so much that we did 4 more that year all over the country. Every conference attendee that came to see us, told us about the Beyond School Hours Conference, so we knew we had to make it a priority in 2023. 

What is the Beyond School Hours Conference?

The Beyond School Hours Conference is an event focused on the out-of-school time programs and services for young people. The conference provides opportunities for participants to learn about best practices, share their experiences and ideas, and network with other professionals in the field. It typically covers topics such as youth development, program design and delivery, community partnerships, and funding and sustainability. The aim is to provide a platform for professionals and organizations working in the field of youth development to collaborate and advance their work.

Why Are Conferences Important To The Magician School?

Here at The Magician School, we are a small team of 4 people. We work extremely hard all year with the hope that each of our programs will be successful. 3 of the 4 members of our team are in the classroom almost daily teaching, facilitating and leading our magic programs. However we don't really know how successful they will be until we field test them nationally and internationally with you all. By attending these conferences, we get to listen first hand to what you all, the teachers, educators and leaders want, need and think is important. This is super important to us as we continuously grow and improve our programs. We want to keep the conversation going with how can we best serve students and make after school instructors lives a bit easier. 

Will we see you there?

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