Trainings and Magic Shows!

Trainings and Magic Shows with The Magician School

Training with The Magician School

Every program within The Magician School is meant to be easiest enough that you can run each lesson with little to no prep time. Meaning as long as you have the instructor lesson plan, anyone can run the program. However, we understand that sometimes instructors and facilitators need a little bit more then that. That's why, with every program we include different free and compensated traning options: 

You just received The Magician School Program, now what? We offer FREE virtual trainings and 24/7 support on all of our programs. This is to make sure you or your staff completely understands how to run our programs and how to make them fit within your program. In the virtual training we: 

  • Go over everything you received
  • Give your staff access to the website videos. 
  • Make sure there familiar with the structure of each program. 
  • Go over tips for running a successful program with The Magician School.
  • Teach the staff a few of the Magic Tricks they'll see in the programs. 
  • Answer any questions!
Virtual Training

Here at The Magician School we also offer in person training for each program. This means we'll have a few magical members of our Team come out and run a training session with your facilitators. This usually runs a few hours and dives deep into the logistics of implementing a program with The Magician School. This is perfect for the school who has multiple sites or staff members who would prefer in person training. On Site Training Includes : 

  • Hands on training of the materials in each lesson. 
  • A live walkthrough of one of the lessons in the magician school! 
  • Go over everything you received
  • Give your staff access to the website videos. 
  • Make sure there familiar with the structure of each program. 
  • Answer any questions!
The Magician School

Interested in having the On Site Training? Host The Magician School LIVE! while your at it. Having a live magic show from a member of The Magician School is the perfect way to introduce the new program to your students and get them excited about learning magic! By adding on a Magic Show to your on site training, can also help bring down the cost of the training. During The Magician School LIVE! you will see things appear, vanish, teleport and levitate as we weave a educational message into every show. It's both fun, educational and engaging and the perfect way to start to get students excited about magic. Every Show with The Magician School LIVE is: 

  • Highly Interactive
  • Tons of Age Appropriate Humor
  • AMAZING Magic!
  • Educational Messages weaved into the Show!
  • Includes all props, tables and magic


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