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An Online Magic Summer Course for KIDS!

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"I was impressed with how easy and engaging the tricks were for even my youngest child..." 

- Kara S. Oelwein, IA

"Mikayla is an incredible partner of afterschool. She is an amazing magician with the heart of a teacher. Her magic programs are a favorite of our students! She is an advocate for kids and her special programs allow students to build confidence and presentation skills as well as have a blast!"

 - Heidi Brown, DMPS

"This was an amazing opportunity to be able to share this curriculum with a handful of student... Worth the investment? ABSOLUTELY!" 

- Barb Z, Portland,OR

What's Included?

In the Intro To Magic Summer Kit, your child will learn the basics to becoming a Magician. This isn't just a bunch of tricks, instead, this is a course that has been tested with thousands of students, to learn the fundamentals of performing Magic. Here's what you get:

Amazing Magic Tricks - Choose between either 5 or 10 simple, yet amazing tricks your child will be doing in no time.

- High Quality Teaching - Every video has been professionally shot and edited with clear, easy to follow instruction

- Easy To Follow - Every video has a performance of the trick, how to make or construct the trick and a detailed explanation of how the trick is done and how YOU can do it!

- Printable Magic and Supplies List - Every trick in this course either has a companion PDF Printable Magic Trick or can be done with objects found around the house.

- Entertaining & Educational - The Magician School takes great pride in emphasizing the fundamentals of becoming a magician in a fun and engaging way.


Commonly Asked Questions?


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The Magician School started by catering to elementary aged students in Des Moines, IA. After the intial success locally, word got out to other schools about the program and demand grew.  The Magician School is currently implemented in approx. 150 schools nationwide. The goal has always been to give students a fun way to practice verbal and non verbal communications skills through magic.

The Magician School was founded by Mikayla Oz. Mikayla Oz is a professional magician who has been seen on National Television, Touring Nationwide and is the face of many of the Magician School Video's. You can find more about Mikayla Oz HERE.


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