Summer Program with The Magician School!

Summer Programs with The Magician School

We are on the midst of summer and for a lot of students this one feels a bit different. Finally the world is open again and we can be together to create memories. Magic is something that can help create those memories! Having a magic trick helps to encourage students to work on there social skills with a fun and structured trick.


At the Magician School Amanda and I have been busy shipping out Magic 101, Magic 201 and the Balloon School Programs. These 3 programs have been super popular this year because of how easy they are to implement into existing programs! We have designed these 3 programs so that ANY Instructor can lead the program with no prior experience.


We do this by:


Instructor Lesson Plans: All the 10 lessons in each program include a instructor lesson plan. These lesson plans take the instructor running the program step by step through running a full 1hr program.


High Quality Videos: In every lesson we have filmed high quality videos that show a real world performance for students, teach the secret to the magic trick and we show the students how to perform the magic trick for others.


Supplies Included: In every program we include all the necessary supplies for 10 lessons of programming with 20 students in each lesson. Every lesson is meant to fill approximately an hour time frame.



More Info on our Summer Programs Below!

The Magician School - The Balloon School

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  • Grades 2 - 8

The Balloon School is one of our most in demand programs. With this program students will learn how to twist balloon animals and shapes. This program includes 20 Balloon Kits, meaning 20 students can follow along and participate. As with all the Magician School Programs, it includes high quality videos, access to the website and instructor lesson plans!

The Magician School - Magic 101 Intro to Magic

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  • Grades K - 5

Magic 101 is our Intro to Magic Program. In this program, your students will learn the fundamentals to having success with magic. All the tricks in this program have been real world tested with students all over the country.  This program includes 10 different lessons with the necessary supplies shipped to your school! Each lesson fills about an hour timeframe and includes an instructor lesson plan!

The Magician School - Magic 201 Paper Magic

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  • Grades 2 - 8

Magic 201 is our Paper Magic Program. In this program, you will get mailed a binder with all the paper printables. For each lesson there is enough materials for 20 students. Included is 10 lessons each running an hour long. All the lessons include high quality videos, shot with multiple camera angles in a professional studio and includes access to the website and instructor lesson plans!

The Magician School is a National After School Program and Curriculum teaching students learning skills through magic tricks. The Magician School offers a multitude of programs catering to Elementary and Middle Schoolers. Learn More Below

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