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At The Magician School, we understand the importance of high quality after school programs. The Magician School aligns every after school program with Social and Emotional Learning Components. Students learn SEL Components through magic tricks!


Out of School programs give students the opportunity to work on and build Social and Emotional Skills. The Magician School has worked diligently to align every program with National Social and Emotional Learning(SEL) Components. This is possible due to outside support, guidance and help from many leaders within the education space. You can find out more here about the Social and Emotional Learning Components here.


Here's how The Magician School integrates Self Awareness and Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making into the programs.

SEL Components in After School Programs

Self Awareness & Management

The Magician School curriculum encourages students to be aware of themselves and surroundings, as it is an important skill when dealing with sleight of hand and misdirection.

The Magician School curriculum teaches students to look at how a magic trick can affect someone else and discusses how to read social cues when performing magic.

Social Awareness

Relationship Skills

The Magician School curriculum teaches students about what being a leader in a group situation looks like. Also what different conflicts may occur when doing magic and how to properly resolve them.

The Magician School curriculum teaches students to evaluate a situation and decide how to navigate it. As well as fosters curiosity and open-mindedness in performing magic.

Responsible Decision Making

The Magician School is a National After School Program and Curriculum teaching students learning skills through magic tricks. The Magician School offers a multitude of programs catering to Elementary and Middle Schoolers. Learn More Below

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