School Summer Program Ideas to Keep Your Students Engaged

With school out for the summer, it can be difficult to find activities to keep your students engaged and motivated. From special presenters to field trips, talent shows and weekly themes, there are plenty of creative ideas for ways to stay connected, learn new skills, and have a fun and productive summer break.

Summer Reading Program

Encourage your students to keep reading over the summer with a special reading program. Set goals for each student and reward them for achieving their milestones. This could either be done at your own school, or by partnering up with your local library who already has an established summer reading program. The best part of partnering with you local library is the fun activities, themes and prizes! Make sure to choose age-appropriate books and provide guidance if the students need help picking something that interests them. You can also host virtual book clubs where students can come together online and discuss the books they’ve read.

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Theme Each Week

Give your students something to look forward to by choosing a different theme for each week of your program. This could range from science week, arts and crafts week, or physical activity like yoga or running for a mile each day. A personal favorite theme here at The Magician School is Magic Week! You can have students learn a new trick every day and then end the week with a celebration magic show! Contact us for more information.

Learn a New Activity

Consider using the summer months to give your students the opportunity to try out something new. Whether it’s rock climbing, exploring a nearby nature trail, weaving, gardening, drawing or painting - offer a variety of different activities and let your students decide which one they’d like to try. Not only will they be learning new skills and broadening their horizons, but they’ll be having plenty of fun in the process! Also encourage students to practice and maintain existing activities, like dribbling a basketball, throwing a baseball, using their math and problem solving skills or reading a more challenging book. This will help the students be more prepared for the upcoming school year. 

School Summer Program Ideas to Keep Your Students Engaged
School Summer Program Ideas to Keep Your Students Engaged

Bring in a Special Presenter

Invite a local musician, scientist, zoo keeper, magician, or other expert to come and share their knowledge with your students! Special presenters can be a great way to introduce your class to something new, or to inspire them to develop skills and interests related to the presenter’s field. Plus, having an interactive guest speaker is sure to entertain and engage your students in their summer activities. It's also a great way to tie in a themed week. When a musician is coming, maybe the students learn about beats, rhythm and songs throughout the week. Learn about different zoo animals when the zoo keeper is coming. Or learn magic tricks when a magician is coming.

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