Running a Program

Running a program can be a lot of work if you aren’t prepared. Luckily with The Magician School and The Balloon School, we have tried to make every lesson as easy to implement and follow as possible. Before the program starts, if possible, try to have all the needed materials in advance. You can find this information under the “What You’ll Need” section on the website. Then go ahead and begin your Before Lesson Activity. You can review more information about that HERE.

Running a Program with The Magician School
The Magician School


Having this instructor lesson plan is vital to maintaining control over your class. It acts as a guide to know what is coming up in the video. In the instructor lesson plan we give you prompts, exact time points to pause and play the video and after lesson activities. Please try and follow along with this if possible, as they are designed to make your life easier.


Every video in the courses starts with a video of that week's Lesson. Make sure all the kids have access to see this video. Once you have watched the performance section, please pause the video and pass out that week's supplies. Typically on your instructor lesson plan it will tell you exactly where to pause and stop the video.


In every video there is typically an arts and crafts element to the course. This is where it’s important to watch the kids as they follow along with the video to make sure they are cutting out and constructing that week's lesson correctly. Also make sure that all students are using caution when constructing their activity.

Running a Program with The Magician School


In The Magician School Program, there is usually a part where we review the secret to the trick. During this section, have the kids set their trick to the side and watch this section first. While this is easier said than done, I have found that this is really important for anyone who is new to magic to fully comprehend how the trick works.


Running a Program with The Magician School

In the courses there is often a section where we encourage the students to follow along with the video to learn the secret move or coordination that might need to happen. This is often a fun part of the course as the move slowly clicks in the students' heads. In our experience, students may tend to drift off from the video and focus on their balloon animal or magic trick during this part. That is okay. You can always rewatch sections in the video if needed. This exploratory phase will let students connect the dots in their own minds on how things work. However if you notice things are getting out of hand or distracting, feel free to pause the video and regain focus on the video.

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