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Thinking back to the first after school club I ran is embarrassing. Children were running around, screaming and I couldn’t keep the kids attention. Even though I was teaching kids magic, I needed some magic to keep these kids' attention. I could’ve been upset, frustrated, and given up that day. But after seeing my good friend Aileen, who is a After School Club Master, come in and the kids instantly went to their spots on the floor and were quiet, I was in AWE! To me that was the real Magic and I needed to learn the secret.


After sitting back and observing, I realized that Aileen had a set of rules and guidelines that the kids had to abide by if they wanted to be in a club. She instilled in these kids that it is a privilege to be able to participate in a club and if they didn’t follow the rules, they didn’t get to be in a club. This not only helped set a tone of good behavior for the students, but made me take my job as an instructor very seriously.

The Rules

Every club I ran from there on out, I utilized rules to help keep the kids focused and on track. Rules should be a loose set of guidelines you and the students can refer back too. 


For The Magician School we refer back to these 3 Rules as a base:


  1. A Magician Never Reveals the Secret
  2. Don’t Repeat the Trick


While there are many more rules to being a magician, these help set the tone for learning magic tricks and others can be added as the students understand these. Also in every class we typically have some general classroom rules that we follow. I usually talk with the local teachers and find out their language and rules the students are familiar with.

What rules do you follow in your classroom?


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