Meet Amanda Campbell: Assistant Team Lead

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Meet Amanda Campbell

Amanda is the Assistant Team Lead of The Magician School! She started working with Mikayla as a videographer. Soon after that she started helping Mikayla do more than just shoot video. She became an integral part of the team, building The Magician School’s website, organizing videos, editing videos, and all things tech for the team!

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Meet Amanda Campbell

The Early Days

Amanda, originally from Ohio, grew up going to a rural school where after school programs were done by individual educators supported by the school. She was active in the Arts playing many instruments, singing in choir, and participating in the technical side of her district’s theater productions. She also started her career in tech in high school, learning how to build PCs, design websites, and edit videos. She had dreams of working in the entertainment industry, but never expected she would be giving back to schools this way.


Amanda had many different jobs in her teen years, all of them shaping her to where she is today. A summer job in a law office filing and sorting papers, remodeling houses with her father, catering and cake decorating while volunteering at her church with Sunday School and acts of service. 

The Big Move

Not able to pursue her dreams yet, Amanda got a job in retail before deciding to move to Iowa of all places. Once she was settled in she continued working in retail, working her way up to a manager position. But life would steer her back to tech in an unexpected way. Next to her store was a tech retail giant and they were hiring. She put in an application and was hired. Amanda was finally back in the world she really enjoyed. 


Fast forward 5 years, we are all struggling with Covid-19 and how it has changed our lives. Amanda had been in retail for over a decade and she was ready to jump into the world she had always wanted to work in. A chance meeting with Mikayla would change the course of her career in the perfect way. Now all those skills from her high school years are coming into play to help manage everything at Magician School.


A Whole New Adventure!

When Amanda isn’t monitoring emails or behind the camera, plays video games, paints, and raises money for charity organizations all over the world. Her passion for giving back is the driving force behind her role at The Magician School. Teaching kids tools that will apply to their life forever, providing fun and informative activities, and helping kids to smile drive her to get up and provide the best service she can to each and every one of you. 


So next time you see an email from her in your inbox, say hi!

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