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Are you or someone you know interested in learning or further your sleight of hand magic skills? Look no further! Learn about the top magician schools around the world that can help learn and develop your craft, from basic sleight of hand techniques for beginners, to more advanced stage illusions.

The College of Magic is a world-renowned school dedicated to teaching the art and craft of magic to all ages. Students learn about performing magic tricks, illusions, make up techniques, costuming and other skills necessary for successful stage performances. All classes are taught by a team of highly qualified magicians from around the world. An exciting program of special events and activities help to expand the learning experience which covers basic beginner's magic all the way through to advanced magician level performance.

The Magic and Mystery School is a unique Las Vegas institution that brings some of the world's most prestigious magicians to teach classes. Founded by renowned magician and illusionist Jeff McBride, the school offers courses ranging from basic beginner lessons all the way through to professional level magic instruction. Classes cover techniques like sleight of hand, body language, makeup techniques and more. A comprehensive program of special events also allows students to learn theater production as well as other aspects of professional performance.

Chavez Studio of Magic is a well-known US school that has been teaching magic and sleight of hand to some of the top magicians. Lead by Chavez Graduate Larry Wirtz, this program meets you where your at in your magical journey to work on and improve your sleight of hand methods with cards, coins, ball manipulation, stagecraft and showmanship. The Chavez Studio of Magic is known for it's professionalism and is considered the finest in one on one instruction for someone looking to take magic seriously. 

The Magician School is a national after school curriculum paving the way in teaching students magic tricks. Although based out of Des Moines, Iowa, The Magician School operates on a National Level teaching magic to students in schools. This is not just a bunch of magic tricks, but more so Social and Emotional Learning Components with Common Core Learning Standards all wrapped into real world tested magic tricks your students will have good success with! All the magic tricks in this program have been hand selected by the International Rising Star of Magic, Mikayla Oz. Mikayla Oz is a professional magician and paid her way through college by working in schools, teaching students magic and doing magic shows on the weekends. Mikayla then collaborated with teachers in her network to make magic an academic level program. This program is guaranteed to be an all star after school program. Check out the different programs with The Magician School HERE

The Magic Circle, established in 1905, is the primary and most exclusive magic society in the world. They provide members with private instruction and access to knowledgeable magicians who can offer advice and information during meetings held throughout the year. The membership is among the most sought after and rare statuses any magician could ever dream of achieving. With a rich history dating back to their first meeting, hosted by Tommy Cooper in 1971, this school offers some of the most demanding convention programs as well as lectures taught by professional magicians. Not only do they boast impressive training facilities but they also offer a long line of famous members such as Dai Vernon, who many regard as one of the best card magicians ever.

The Magician School is a National After School Program and Curriculum teaching students learning skills through magic tricks. The Magician School offers a multitude of programs catering to Elementary and Middle Schoolers. Learn More Below

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