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After a long day in the classroom, kids can use a little extra excitement to draw them back in. With an after-school magician program, children get to learn the fundamentals of magic, explore creative outlets, and have a blast while doing something new. Learning magic tricks can be a fun and engaging after-school activity for kids. It can help to improve their problem-solving skills, boost their confidence, and develop their creativity and imagination. Magic tricks also require practice and dedication, which can teach kids discipline and focus. Additionally, learning magic tricks can be a social activity, as kids can share their tricks with friends and family and learn from each other. 

Magic for Students!

Kids learn magic tricks and beyond!

Magic classes for kids of most grade levels

  • K - 2nd
  • 3rd - 5th
  • 6th - 8th

Thousands of students learning magic all over the world

The Magician School Programs

Magic 101: Intro to Magic

Magic 101 - After School Magician

Kids will learn the basics to magic. All the magic in this program is with everyday objects, to show students they don't need any fancy props to start performing magic. All tricks have been real world tested in classrooms around the country, to make sure students have great success!


Grades K-2 & 3-5

Curriculum Includes 21 Pre Packaged Magic Kits, Videos and Instructor Lesson Plans. 

No prior magic experience required


Magic 201: Paper Magic
A+ Card Tricks
The Magic Wand Kit!

The Magician School is a national after school curriculum paving the way in teaching students magic tricks. Although based out of Des Moines, Iowa, The Magician School operates on a National Level teaching magic to students in schools. This is not just a bunch of magic tricks, but more so Social and Emotional Learning Components with Common Core Learning Standards all wrapped into real world tested magic tricks your students will have good success with! All the magic tricks in this program have been hand selected by the International Rising Star of Magic, Mikayla Oz. Mikayla Oz is a professional magician and paid her way through college by working in schools, teaching students magic and doing magic shows on the weekends. Mikayla then collaborated with teachers in her network to make magic an academic level program. This program is guaranteed to be an all star after school program. Check out the different programs with The Magician School HERE

The Magician School is a National After School Program and Curriculum teaching students learning skills through magic tricks. The Magician School offers a multitude of programs catering to Elementary and Middle Schoolers. Learn More Below

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