Magic 101: Intro to Magic

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  • About:

    Magic 101 is our Intro to Magic Program. In this program, your students will learn the fundamentals to having success with magic. All the tricks in this program have been real world tested with students all over the country.  This program includes 10 different lessons with the necessary supplies shipped to your school! Each lesson fills about an hour timeframe and includes an instructor lesson plan!

  • Educational Benefits and Skills:

    • Improve dexterity and coordination
    • Builds self confidence through practicing and embracing perseverance. 
    • Encourages verbal and nonverbal communication.
    • Can be an awesome ice breaker!
    • Tool that students can use for the rest of their life.

What's Included?

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The Supplies

Included in the Magic 101: Intro to Magic Kit is 10 Lessons that teach students the basics to being a magician. The supplies for every trick are included and include enough for 20 students each lesson. With a little practice, students will be able to perfrom amazing magic that will astound!

The Magic

Every trick in the Intro to Magic Program has been hand picked, to make sure students have great success with magic. In this course students will:

  • Pay tribute to the classic cutting a person in half
  • Learn how to magically restore two pieces of string back into one piece
  • Make a dollar bill float in midair
  • Produce and vanish a coin!
  • Make it seem as if they can read someones mind!


Virtual Training

High Quality Videos

Included in the Magic 101: Intro to Magic kit is high quality instructional videos. These videos have been filmed in a professional studio, with multiple camera with the students in mind. The videos teach the basic fundamentals of being a magician. They go over everything from a performance of the magic trick to learning the secret to the trick and how to perform it for others. The students will leave being able to confidently show someone a magic trick!

Website Access

Every school who becomes apart of the Magic 101: Intro to Magic program receives access to the video catalog of the Magic 101 videos. Through the website you can also download the instructor lesson plans, pdf printables and have 24hr assistance.

Running a Program with The Magician School
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Instructor Lesson Plans

Every Lesson within the Magic 101: Intro to Magic Kit comes with a Instructor Lesson Plan. These lesson plans are meant to be a step by step guide for the facilitator running the course:

  • Easy to Follow
  • Minimal Planning
  • Written by Teachers

Program Pricing

  • Magic 101: Intro to Magic

    Price - $1,000.00


      • Complete Intro to Magic Kit
      • 10 Complete Lessons 
      • Enough Materials for 20 students in the program
      • Before Lesson Activities
      • Instructor Lesson Plans

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