Learn Magic: Great Side Hustle for Teens!

Jobs for Teenagers

How Could a Teenager Make Money Doing Magic Shows?

When most people think of part time jobs for teenagers in their life they think of common jobs like working at a local grocery or convenience store, lifeguarding or working at a fast food restaurant. However with the increase in strict guidelines and hours placed on teenagers, it can be challenging to find a job now a days. That's why learning magic may open up a world of opportunity for a teenager to learn about business and entrepreneurship, creating they're own schedule and potentially making a lot more then any of their peers. By learning magic this gives students a specific skillset and service that everyone enjoys, is hard to find and is in high demand

Where to start?

Learning Magic takes quite a bit of dedication and practice. It isn't something that you are going to be able to do overnight, but it is a skill that if you invest the time and energy to learning, no one can ever take from you. If you haven't started learning the basics from The Magician School, then reading books from your local library is a great place to learn the basics of magic. Most magic is built on common principles, sleights and moves. Meaning once you learn these moves, you will be able to adapt, develop and create your own magic that fits your personality. Dive in and learn all you can from card tricks, sleight of hand and magic that plays for larger groups like standup, parlor and stage magic. Even study the bigger magic like illusions. Having a well rounded knowledge of magic will only help you. 

Types of Magic Shows

So you or your teenager has been learning magic for a while, what kinds of opportunities are out there to showcase the magic?: 

  • Friends and Families: Start by showing magic to anyone and everyone. You never know what kind of opportunties may arise.
  • Birthday Party Magic Shows: The best place to start. 
  • Talent Show Opportunities: Great way to perform magic on stage and get expierence.
  • School Shows: Propose to show a trick during a family engagement night. 
  • Local Farmers Markets: Work on gathering a crowd and performing for people as they walk by

In short the potential is endless. However the most important thing early on is to get experience. Out of the gate you or your teenager isn't going to be the greatest magician. But overtime you will learn what works, what doesn't and how to improve. 

Power of a Birthday Magic Show for Teenagers

The ability to perform 30 to 40 minutes of a child's birthday party will open up so many opportunities for your teenager. Most jobs for teenagers pay minimum wage or slightly above minimum wage. However by performing at a birthday party doing magic your teenager could make more in those 30 to 40minutes that any of there peers make in a whole weekends worth of work. Now imagine your teenager did two or MORE birthdays a weekend?


On average the professional or semi professional magician charges between $299 and $499 USD to perform at a child's birthday party. Now since your teenager is just starting out gaining experience is more important. Being compensated in anyway early on is a HUGE success. However, with more experience means you can start consistently raising your prices. Maybe you get $25.00 for the first birthday party, then $50.00 then next show and $150.00 after that. 


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