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Commonly Asked Questions - The Magician School

Q: How does magic fit within your after school program?

The Magician School is different then your standard after school programs. Which can be difficult to understand how it might fit within your enrichment programs. However magic involves learning new skills and techniques, practicing and honing those skills, and working towards a final performance or showcase. Here are a few examples:

  1. Practice and repetition: Learning magic tricks often requires a lot of practice and repetition in order to perfect the sleights and make the magic trick look effortless. With The Magician School we introduce your students to practice in a attainable and simple way. We do this by doing tricks that might seem a bit challenging at first, but with just a few minutes of practice they will master the sleights in no time!
  2. Goal setting and accomplishment: All magic tricks within The Magician School have a clear goal or outcome, such as successfully performing a certain trick. We have found that this goal oriented approach also translates to the classroom. Meaning students have specific goals or objectives that students work towards, such as improving their grades or learning a new skill.
  3. Performance and communication: In The Magician School we put quite a bit of focus on the words we say when talking in front of a group. Whether you are telling a story, explaining what might happen or using our body language to communicate something, these are all aspects we teach students during our 10 lessons. 
  4. Teamwork and collaboration: Many magic tricks require teamwork and collaboration to be successful. In our after-school program, we often involve team building tricks through our warm ups, partner magic tricks and collaborative format. 
  5. Self-confidence and self-esteem: Learning and performing magic tricks can help boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Magic is not natural, in fact it is often times quite the opposite. For example in misdirection, we often want to guide attention away from the sneaky move that might be going on. However, when a student masters these moves self confidence and self esteem goes up. This can help students feel more confident and capable in their abilities, which can have a positive impact on their self-esteem and others. 

Q: Is Magic educational?

The Magician School has worked with many, many educators to make sure all of our programs fit within 21st Century Guidelines, Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum and Common Core Learning. In every lesson within our program we go over the desired learning outcomes, how it might relate to a STEM/STEAM and any other important ideas to remember. Magic is has very educational in the sense that it helps develop fine motor skills, improves problem solving, encourages socialization and teaches critical thinking. 

Q: What’s included?

In short, EVERYTHING. All of our programs, are turn key, meaning everything is included out side of the normal classroom items like pencils/crayons(which most lessons don't need). All of our programs include: 

  • All Magic Tricks and Supplies needed to do the magic tricks 
  • Instructor Lesson Plans so anyone can lead the lessons with little to no preparation ahead of time
  • High Quality Videos: All of our programs include videos that show a performance of the magic trick, teach the secret to the magic trick and teach how to perform the trick. The videos can be either instructor or student facing. 
  • End of Lesson Surveys so we can track instructor results and share those with the higher ups. 

Q: I don’t know magic, can I still run a program?

Yes! We have made our curriculum straight forward enough so that anyone can facilitate a lesson. Meaning the lesson plans hold the instructors hand and takes them step by step through everything in the lesson. This means that the instructor can spend more time focusing on the students and making sure they can understand and follow along. 

Q: Do we hire instructors to come teach?

We are currently rolling out national sites where an instructor would actually come into the school and run our program. We do have strict requirements as of right now though. We are only working with schools that have a larger geographical area, have multiple sites and can give us a heads up so we can find, hire and train staff. If this sounds like something you might qualify for, please reach out. Otherwise, all of our programs are easy enough so any facilitator could lead their own program.

Q: How much time does the program fill?

Each program includes 10 lessons and every lesson fills about an hour timeframe. The Lessons include enough supplies for 20 students and 1 instructor. Additional supplies can be purchased for a discounted rate.  The programs can be used however you would like. Most of the schools we work with have a weekly magic club where they do 1 lesson per week, have approximately 10 weeks. However, we have heard other programs doing a two week program and they do 1 lesson a day for two weeks. It's up to you how you would like to use it and fit it within your own curriculum. 


Q: What makes The Magician School qualified to teach magic?

The Magician School is lead by professional magician Mikayla Oz. Mikayla Oz has been doing magic professionally since before she could drive. It's been the only real job she has had and she's made a career out of performing and teaching magic. Mikayla Oz is also the recipient of the International Rising Star of Magic Award and works with some of the top influencers and companies. You can find out more about Mikayla Oz here.




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