We’ll be at the Boost Conference 2023!

Last Year at The Boost Conference, we took a leap of faith and launched The Magician School official product line. Up until this point, Mikayla Oz and her team were working in schools refining The Magician School program and curriculum. After conversations with her friend, Aileen of The Jewel School, Aileen mentioned that we should take this program to the Boost conference. Not quite sure what we were doing at the time, we took a leap of faith and registered. Since this time last year, we have exhibited at 8 conferences and are excited to be back at Boost again!

See You In Palm Springs The Magician School

When: April 25th - 28th

Where: Palm Spring, California at the Palm Springs Convention Center

See us at Booth: #305


Boost 2022 The Magician School

What is the Boost Conference?

The Boost Conference is an event focused on the out-of-school time programs and services for young people. The conference provides opportunities for participants to learn about best practices, share their experiences and ideas, and network with other professionals in the field. It typically covers topics such as youth development, program design and delivery, community partnerships, and funding and sustainability. The aim is to provide a platform for professionals and organizations working in the field of youth development to collaborate and advance their work. Out of all the conferences this past year, Boost was our favorite. The community, events, workshops and educators were all top notch!

Happy Hour Magic Show!

Boost Conference Magic Show

Thursday April 27th from 5:30PM - 6:15PM

Hilton Hotel Bar & Lounge


You're invited to the Happy Hour Magic Show at the Hilton Hotel's Bar and Lounge! In this 45-min highly interactive Magic Show, you can be a part of the magic as you witness things appear, vanish, minds read and so much more! All performed by the 2022/2023 Recipient of the International Rising Star of Magic Award, The Magician School's own: Mikayla Oz! A magical way to BOOST up your day!

Inspiration Station

Boost Conference The Magician School 2023

Thursday April 27th from 11:00AM - 11:45AM

Station G


Magic, Puzzles, and Wonder to ex-SEL!
Mikayla Oz, CEO/Founder, The Magician School, West Des Moines, IA

Become inspired and inspire others as you learn Magic, Create Wonder and Receive FREE Things with The Magician School! This 45mins will fly by as we go over how magic relates to Social and Emotional Learning, learn a fun magic trick you can do for a whole classroom or team building session(NO Supplies needed) and try a fun puzzle that builds teamwork and communication skills.

Duck Race

Wednesday, April 26th at 6PM

Renaissance Hotel Pool


On Wednesday, April 26th at 6pm, The Magician School is teaming up with Brainstorm Education to get our ducks in a row and compete in the Duck Duck Boost Relay Race! This fundraiser event is for the BOOST Conference Scholarship Fund. This fund was developed in order to provide financial assistance for a lucky duck to attend next year's Boost conference. Come help cheer us on. We'd Love to see you there!

The Jewel School Boost 2023

See Them At: Front Porch Booth!

The Magician School has partnered up with Aileen, founder of The Jewel School. The Jewel School is the ultimate combination of art and relaxation! With The Jewel School, students can create sparkling masterpieces using fun resin diamonds that shimmer and shine in the light!

Each Jewel School kit comes with a high-quality name tag, bookmark  or picture featuring a beautiful design, carefully crafted to make sure every diamond jewel fits perfectly into place. However what truly makes The Jewel School different from other Diamond Painting Kits, is the ability to let students be creative, draw their own picture and then Jewel it to a sparkling finish!

Will we see you there?


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