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After School Programming for Elementary Kids

Program in a Box!

A complete, pre-structured after school program.

You provide instructor, we provide the content.

  • Educational Benefits and Skills:

    • Improve dexterity and coordination
    • Builds self confidence through practicing and embracing perseverance. 
    • Encourages verbal and nonverbal communication.
    • Can be an awesome ice breaker!
    • Tool that students can use for the rest of their life.

The Magician School


The Magician School
  • Lessons Plans

    Every Lesson within The Magician School comes with a Lesson Plan. These lesson plans are meant to be a step by step guide for the instructor:


    Easy to Follow

    Written by Teachers

    Minimal Planning

    Every Lesson is meant to fill approximately an hour

    Provides Before, During and After Lesson Planning

  • Supplies and Activities

    When your school receives access to the program, at the top of every lesson will be a "What You'll Need" and "Before Lesson Activity" section. 


    What You'll Need

    In this section, there will be everything the instructor will need to print off or grab ahead of time. This usually includes: 

    Supplies (usually very minimal)

    PDF Printable Magic Trick

    Instructor Lesson Plan


    Before Lesson Activity

    In this section, will typically be a video or printable activity. The video will typically teach you and the students how to play a Warm Up Game, Focus Game or Ice Breaker. The printable activity is usually a way to engage the students on previous things they have learned in previous weeks. Every before lesson activity helps get the students settled in and ready for the lesson. 

Running a Program with The Magician School
  • Highly Quality Videos

    The Magician School and the Balloon School have been shot in a professional studio, with multiple camera angles, to make sure students are able to follow along and fully comprehend the lessons.

    Watch a Trailer for both courses below:

fun after school activities
  • The Magician School

    The Magician School is an after school program that teaches students magic tricks in a fun, yet educational format. In every lesson the students will see a performance and learn the secret to the trick. Then by the end of the lesson, the students will be able to perform and astound friends and family with that magic trick. All of the magic tricks in the program are Printable Magic Tricks to help schools save on supply costs. Included in this course is: 


    Pre Planned Lessons

    PDF Printable Magic Tricks

    Instructor Lessons Plans

    School Wide Access to The Magician School Program

  • The Balloon School

    The Balloon School is an after school program that teaches students how to twist balloon animals and shapes. Students will be getting hands on, learning how to make simple, yet fun balloon animals. By the end of the course, the students will be able to make almost any animal named! Included in this course: 


    Pre Planned Lessons

    High Quality Teaching

    Instructor Lessons Plans

    School Wide Access to The Balloon School Program

    Ask about Balloon Supplies!

fun after school activities
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