6 Creative After School Activities Students Will Love

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After a long day of school, it can be difficult for students to find an engaging activity that sparks their imaginations and takes them away from their everyday routines. But there are plenty of fun and creative after-school activities that can help keep kids entertained and give them something to look forward to each week. Here are 10 ideas to get you started!

Make a stop-motion movie.

Have kids create their own movies using clay figures, action figures, cardboard cutouts or other props. The students can then film the movie frame by frame and use free editing software to cut it together. The students will be so proud when the movie is complete and can present it on a projector or on a computer for an incredible viewing experience!

Start a cooking club.

Kids can learn how to cook simple and healthy meals, which can help them develop their culinary skills. You may be surprised by the number of kids who don't know anything about cooking. With this club the students can learn basic kitchen safety, how to measure ingredients, and how to follow a recipe. They can also learn about different types of cuisine and how to make healthy food choices. Cooking classes can also teach children about nutrition, planning and budgeting.

The Magic Club.

Magic is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. However most people don't know any magic tricks. Introduce your students to sleight of hand, public speaking, critical thinking and practice skills through magic! Plus magic doesn't have to use any fancy props, it can use things you have around the classroom for those looking for budget friendly options. Need help putting together a Magic Club? The Magician School is a complete 10 lesson program, taught by a professional magician, teaching students the fundamentals of magic! You can find out more about here: The Magician School.

Learn to code.

Coding is an increasingly important skill for both adults and children alike, so why not teach your students some coding basics? Fortunately, there are plenty of online tools to help you get started. For instance, Codecademy offers free interactive tutorials on HTML & CSS, JavaScript and Python that have been designed with beginners in mind. The activities will allow kids to develop problem-solving skills while having fun building their own projects.

D.I.Y. Science Club.

Encourage children to explore science through homemade and simple experiments and projects, such as making a volcano or a simple circuit. These experiments can be a fun and engaging way for children to learn about different scientific concepts.


  • For example, a volcano experiment can teach your students about chemical reactions, specifically the reaction between baking soda and vinegar, which creates a bubbling and erupting effect. This is best done outdoors!
  • Another experiment that can be done with your students is creating a simple circuit.  Students can learn about electricity and how it flows through a circuit, they can experiment with different materials to see which ones conduct electricity and which ones don't.

A beauty club.

Introduce your students to the beautiful world of hair, skin, nails, cosmetology, makeup and barbering. Students could learn about different hairstyles and coloring techniques, as well as makeup application and skincare routines. Cosmetology classes can also help students develop their creativity and self-expression. If you are interested in complete program taught by a professional cosmetologist, check out: Funtology Fundamentals



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